[Monetdb-developers] Mapi blocked mode multi query consideration

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at acm.org
Thu Apr 22 18:56:01 CEST 2004

Fabian wrote:
> Mapi has two modes, which I refer to as line mode and block mode.
> The main plus for the client when using the block mode variant is that 
> multi-line queries can be sent directly to the server without any 
> parsing. The line mode variant, on the other hand, separates lines by 
> newline characters, so multiline queries are not possible; one has to 
> replace all newlines by spaces when not inside a string, otherwise by 
> \n. (this requires some parsing of the query before sending)
> Now the problem I'm dealing with is as follows:
> If I send a multiline query using blockmode to the server, and that 
> query is syntactically incorrect (according to the server), the server 
> returns that same multiline query. In the result mode, however, newlines 
> are treated as row delimiters. The effect of this, is that only the 
> first row of the query sent is visible, which most of the time does not 
> contain the error.
> For example, suppose the following query is sent:
>     FROM "foobar";
> where the table foobar does not exist in the catalog, then the error 
> message will be:
> !ERROR parse error at token (257) in statement: select *
>     from "foobar"
> which due to row-style parsing will only result in the error message 
> with query 'select *'.
> The question here is actually, who is doing what wrong?
> Any thoughts on this?

Are you using block mode in both directions?

Sjoerd Mullender <sjoerd at acm.org>

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