[Monetdb-developers] Python + SQL

Arjan Scherpenisse A.C.Scherpenisse at cwi.nl
Thu Apr 22 11:12:52 CEST 2004

Sjoerd Mullender wrote:
> Arjan Scherpenisse wrote:
>> Martin,
>> I have fixed the Mapi.py thanks to Niels' tips. The result strings 
>> still need parsing ofcourse. I could write my own parsing or write 
>> wrappers for the existing Mapi.h API.
> Are you aware of the mapi/clients/python/Cimpl directory and its 
> contents?  It contains a Python interface to the MAPI on top of the C 
> implementation.  This code is not (yet) integrated into the build 
> process because it requires a newer version of SWIG than is installed by 
> default on RedHat 9.  It does provide a much more complete and more 
> Python-like interface than the native Python code.
> I think this code should definitely be considered when thinking about a 
> Python Database API wrapper.

Yeah, I noticed this Cimpl directory yesterday evening. Looks very nice 
indeed. It would certainly be a good idea to build the DB API on top of 
this module.


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