[Monetdb-developers] Python + SQL

Arjan Scherpenisse A.C.Scherpenisse at cwi.nl
Wed Apr 21 15:06:19 CEST 2004


I have fixed the Mapi.py thanks to Niels' tips. The result strings still 
need parsing ofcourse. I could write my own parsing or write wrappers 
for the existing Mapi.h API.

I am willing to implement a Python database wrapper according to the 
Python Database API specs (http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0249.html).

Maybe we can talk about this tomorrow with Peter, and how something like 
this can fit into my graduation work ;)

regards, Arjan

Martin Kersten wrote:
> Arjan,
> It supprises me, because the Mapi protocol does not constrain the 
> language. I noticed, though, that MapiClient.py is currently hardwired
> for mil indeed. It seems that Sjoerd (the Python expert) can help
> you (and make MapiClient.py a little better?)
> The main question to decide upon is the functionality required.
> Using ODBC would allow your application also to run on other DBMSs
>  From the perspective of re-use that is a nice property. Ofcourse,
> the application builder has to spent more energy to prepare for this.
> Using the ODBC layer of Sjoerd would be a good exercise to challenge
> its current functionality. Help is close at hand to make it bearable.
> Perhaps an issue to discuss with Peter (and me).
> regards, Martin
> Arjan Scherpenisse wrote:
>> Hello,
>> can someone point me to a simple way of using the SQL frontend from 
>> within Python? The default interface (Mapi.py) does only allow the MIL 
>> language, as far as I can see.
>> In the past I did it by using the ODBC module, but that was very 
>> tiresome. Is there a better way?
>> cheers, Arjan
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