[Monetdb-developers] Re: Security & usability

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Sun Apr 4 17:40:06 CEST 2004

> After the checkin by Martin (about giving -u and -P default values on 
> MapiClient), I had to laugh loudly for a minute (or two) after which I 
> had to frown, thinking about the security aspect of this change. Not 
> that it changes much, but being a little minded towards a better 
> situation is not a bad thing IMHO. (Also for the reputation of monet by 
> itself for the outside world)
> Because I regularly get tired of typing long command line arguments as 
> well, I propose the following solution, which might fit all kinds of tastes.
> What if we would store some preferences we have in a file ~/.monetdb or 
> something which can be shared by various applications, like MapiClient, 
> JdbcClient, Mserver itself, and maybe any more...
> The file would be simply a properties file containing something like
> username=monetdb
> password=monetdb
> language=sql
> startscript=~/monetdb/start_sql
> which would instruct MapiClient to use sql language with username + pass 
> monetdb and tell Mserver when it starts to load the script 
> ~/monetdb/start_sql so I for instance would not have to type 
> 'module(sql_server);' anymore.
> Of course command line options override these defaults in this .monetdb 
> file. It is up to the user to chmod it to 600.
> How about this idea?

Good idea. And the file does already exist: it's called "monet.conf", and its
default location (on a unix system) is /etc/monet.conf .
There was a lengthy discussion about whether and which (alternative) user
default locations to use (~/.monet.conf , ./.monet.conf), but I have to
admit, I don't recall the final outcome. 
In any case, Mserver has the -c/--config option to expicitely specify an
alternative monet.conf ; other tools (MapiClient, JdbcClient, etc.)
do/should provide a similar set of commandline options and use
MonetDB/src/common/monet_options.{mx,py}.in to parse them conveniently.
Maybe, we should also add a MonetDB/src/common/monet_options.java.in?

! Let's make sure that we use the same "Look&Feel" for all our tools !

(Which means: If you change one, be sure to keep the others in sync!
 If you add one, be sure it follows the "rules"!)

See MonetDB/conf/monet.conf.in and MonetDB/src/common/monet_options.*.in
for further details.


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