[Monetdb-developers] timestamp

Arjan Scherpenisse A.C.Scherpenisse at cwi.nl
Thu Apr 1 11:41:25 CEST 2004

Hi list,

I am importing some tab-separated dump data in which a field is a 
timestamp, formatted ala "2003-11-26 10:36:53". After importing (through 
make_persistent/load_data), the two timestamp BATs show up as:

[ "profile_track_history_date",           "oid",  nil,    4516232, 
   0,      "clean",        "disk", "pers", 0,      1               ]

[ "profile_track_history_serverdate",           "oid",  nil,    4516232, 
        0,      "clean",        "disk", "pers", 0,      1               ]

(having a 'nil' tail-type). I guess this is a minor bug; because the 
BATs are filled with timestamps properly.

regards, Arjan

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