Announcement: New Jul2017-SP1 Bugfix release of MonetDB suite

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at
Wed Aug 2 10:25:18 CEST 2017

The MonetDB team at CWI/MonetDB BV is pleased to announce the
Jul2017-SP1 bugfix release of the MonetDB suite of programs.

More information about MonetDB can be found on our website at

For details on this release, please see the release notes at

As usual, the download location is <>.

Jul 2017-SP1 bugfix release

   Build Environment
     * The Debian and Ubuntu installers have been fixed: there was a file
       missing in the Jul2017 release.
     * Added a new RPM called MonetDB-selinux which provides the SELinux
       policy required to run MonetDB under systemd, especially on Fedora
     * The Windows installers (*.msi files) are now created using the WiX
     * The Windows binaries are now built using Visual Studio 2015.
       Because of this, you may need to install the Visual C++
       Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 before being able to run

     * monetdbd was leaking open file descriptors to the mserver5 process
       it started. This has been fixed.

   MonetDB Common
     * Many functions in GDK are now annotated with the GCC attribute
       __warn_unused_result__ meaning that the compiler will issue a
       warning if the result of the function (usually an indication of an
       error) is not used.

   Bug Fixes
     * 6325: Merge table unusable in other connections
     * 6328: Transactional/multi-connection issues with merge tables
     * 6336: VALUES multiple inserts error
     * 6339: Mserver5 crashes on nested SELECT
     * 6340: sample operator takes effect after the execution of the
       query, expected before
     * 6341: MERGE TABLE issue: Cannot register
     * 6342: MERGE TABLE issue: hang
     * 6344: Spurious errors and assertions (SQLsmith)
     * 6375: MAL profiler truncates JSON objects larger than 8192

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