Announcement: New Jul2015 Feature release of MonetDB suite

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at
Fri Aug 28 13:27:59 CEST 2015

The MonetDB team at CWI/MonetDB BV is pleased to announce the
Jul2015 feature release of the MonetDB suite of programs.

More information about MonetDB can be found on our website at

For details on this release, please see the release notes at

As usual, the download location is <>.

Jul 2015 feature release

   MonetDB5 Server
     * Implemented batcalc.min and batcalc.max. Made calc.min and calc.max
       generic so that no other implementations are needed.
     * Removed function batcalc.ifthen.

   Build Environment
     * Upgraded the license to the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

   Client Package
     * Added a new output format to mclient: --format=expanded (or -fx).
       In this format, column values are shown in full and below each

   MonetDB Common
     * BUNtvar and BUNhvar macros no longer work for TYPE_void columns.
     * Changed interfaces of a lot of GDK-level functions. When they
       modify a BAT, don't return the same BAT or NULL, but instead return
     * Changed a bunch of hash-related functions to work on the tail
       column. The functions that have been changed to work on the tail
       column are: BAThash, BATprepareHash, HASHgonebad, HASHins, and

   Java Module
     * Improved JDBC driver to not throw NullPointerException anymore when
       calling isNullable() or getPrecision() or getScale() or
       getColumnDisplaySize() or getSchemaName() or getTableName() or
       getColumnClassName() on a ResultSetMetaData object.
     * We now compile the Java classes using the latest Java 1.8 version,
       and we tell it to compile for Java 1.7.

     * Differences between time, timestamp, and date values now return
       properly typed interval types (second or month intervals) instead
       of integers.
     * Added support for 128-bit integers (called HUGEINT) on platforms
       that support this.
     * Removed support for the mseed library.
     * Removed support for RDF.
     * Removed DataCell. It was experimental code that was never enabled.

   Bug Fixes
     * 2618: Implement master slave scheme
     * 3361: constants as MAL function parameters prevent intermediate
     * 3364: Cannot set role back to a user's default role
     * 3365: Unable to grant object privileges while having a non-default
     * 3440: Sequence type errors
     * 3449: mserver crash on start - Freebsd 10 amd64
     * 3476: Cannot revoke object access
     * 3496: autocompletion table names does not work correctly
     * 3556: when 2 multiplexed functions in MAL plan, only one is mapped
       correctly to bat<mod>.function primitive
     * 3564: Request: add support for postgresql specific scalar function:
       split_part(string text, delimiter text, field int)
     * 3625: SIGSEGV because mat array can overrun in opt_mergetable.c
     * 3627: SQRT in CASE does not work as of Oct2014
     * 3654: configure --enable-fits requires extra commands after
       creating a database instance
     * 3673: mclient 'expanded' row formatter
     * 3674: Obfuscate event tracing
     * 3679: No error is given when incorrect timezone value is specified
       for a timetz column
     * 3686: Wrong associativity of multiply/divide
     * 3702: Filter function not found if created in a user schema
     * 3708: wrong scoping for cross-schema view references
     * 3716: alter table my_merge_table drop table t1; crashes mserver5
       with Segmentation fault
     * 3724: Wrong size calculation in BATsubjoin
     * 3730: SAMPLE function not sampling randomly
     * 3732: memory leak (of InstrRecord) in opt_mergetable
     * 3733: "(TRUE OR <Exp>) AND <Exp>" is evaluated incorrectly
     * 3735: python connection with unix_socket
     * 3736: crash if mclient disconnects abruptly during a query
     * 3738: Database inconsistency when using savepoint
     * 3739: CASE statements do not handle NULLs in the IN () operator
     * 3740: select epoch(now()); types timestamptz(7,0) and bigint(64,0)
       are not equal
     * 3742: Division By Zero
     * 3744: cast to int gives different results for decimal than double
     * 3747: joins fail in the presence of nulls
     * 3748: Missing META-INF/services/java.sql.Driver in JDBC package
     * 3753: Hang on json field parsing
     * 3754: select from a REMOTE TABLE referring local table crashes
     * 3756: column type conversion sticks to subsequent queries
     * 3758: "COPY INTO ..." doesn't work, if executing from 2 processes
     * 3759: select data from "sys"."rejects" returns unexpected error and
       when next select data from "sys"."sessions" causes an assertion
       failure in mal_interpreter.c:646.
     * 3760: SQL parser has problem with (position of) a scalar subquery
       in a SELECT-list
     * 3761: SQL executor has problem with (position of) a subquery in a
       SELECT-list. Inconsistent behavior.
     * 3763: JDBC PreparedStatement for a table with 14 Foreign Keys
       crashing the Database
     * 3764: DROPping multiple users causes a crash
     * 3765: Re-granting a revoked privilege does not work
     * 3766: VIEW not visible if created under a different schema
     * 3767: CREATE TEMP TABLE using "LIKE" incorrectly handled
     * 3769: SIGSEGV when combining a cast/column alias with a UNION ALL
     * 3770: combined conditions on declared table in User Defined
       Function definition crashes monetdb
     * 3771: Owner of the schema loses rights if assumes the monetdb role.
     * 3772: Any user can grant a role.
     * 3773: quantile(col, 0) and quantile(col, 1) fail
     * 3774: mclient is unaware of merge tables and remote tables
     * 3775: COPY INTO: Backslash preceding field separator kills import
     * 3778: Crash on remote table schema mismatch
     * 3779: server crashes on MAX() on SELECT DISTINCT something combo
     * 3783: Behavioural change in Jul2015 for 'timestamp minus timestamp'
     * 3784: Assertion failed: (bn->batCapacity >= cnt), function
       BAT_scanselect, file gdk_select.c, line 1008.
     * 3785: sum(interval) causes overflow in conversion to bte
     * 3786: ResultSet.close() never sends Xclose to free resources
     * 3787: "b and g must be aligned" from complex group/union query
     * 3791: HEAPextend: failed to extend to 2420077101056

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