[Monetdb-announce] PhD opening at CWI - Adaptive indexing techniques for modern database systems

Stratos Idreos S.Idreos at cwi.nl
Thu Jun 23 13:47:59 CEST 2011

Adaptive indexing techniques for modern database systems.

The Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has a full time vacancy for a
talented PhD candidate in the Database Architectures group

The position is in the broad area of adaptive indexing techniques for modern database systems.
Adaptive indexing is a major challenge in database research; it tries to completely alleviate the need for 
indexing and tuning steps leading to database systems that require no physical design set-up and can 
cope immediately with any workload. This leads to database systems that are instantly usable and thus 
more applicable to numerous new applications that now consider databases too slow, too complex and too old.
This position will focus specifically on adaptive indexing for extremely large databases where traditional indexing 
represents a major bottleneck. 

The Database Architectures group is one of the world-wide leading groups in
system-oriented database research, e.g., it received the 10-year best paper
award at VLDB 2009 for their pioneering research on hardware-aware database
technology and the column-store model and the 
2011 ACM SIGMOD Jim Gray Dissertation award for the database cracking work. 
The group has a unique methodology
that combines fundamental database research with active participation of all
group members in database engineering, centred around the open-source
analytical database system MonetDB (http://www.monetdb.org/).
An internship at one of the partnering
database research labs world-wide is considered part of the PhD track.


The PhD candidates must have a master degree in computer science (or a 5 year diploma),
(specialisation databases, distributed systems, software engineering)
mathematics, or related fields. Preferable qualifications for candidates
include proven research talent, system programming skills (C/C++),
practical experience with using and implementing database systems,
and software development in a team.
Candidates are expected to have an excellent command of English,
and good academic writing and presentation skills. 


Founded in 1946, the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) is the national
research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands. 
It is located at the Science Park Amsterdam and is part of the “Netherlands
Organisation for Scientific Research” (NWO).  The institute is
internationally focused and renowned for its high quality research, a
substantial fraction of which is carried out in the framework of
(inter)national programs.  Over 160 researchers conduct pioneering research
and share their acquired knowledge with society.  More than 30 researchers
are employed as professors at universities.  The institute has generated
twenty-one spin-off companies.

CWI maintains excellent relations with industry and the academic world, both
in the Netherlands as well as abroad.  After their research careers at CWI,
an increasing number of young staff members find employment in these sectors
or in spin-off companies that are based on research results from CWI.  Of
course, library and computing facilities are first-rate.  CWI's
non-scientific services to its personnel include career planning, training
and courses, assistance in finding housing, and tailor-made solutions to
problems that may occasionally arise.


The terms of employment are in accordance with the Dutch Collective Labour
Agreement for Research Institutes ("CAO-onderzoeksinstellingen"). Moreover
CWI offers attractive working conditions, including flexible scheduling and
help with housing for expat employees.

The gross monthly salary, for an employee on a full time basis, is €2,037
during the first year and increases to €2,610 over a four year period. CWI
also offers excellent and flexible terms of employment, including an
employee pension fund.


Additional information can be obtained from:

dr. Stratos Idreos, email stratos.idreos at cwi.nl, telephone +31(0)20 592 4169.

or dr. Stefan Manegold, email stefan.manegold at cwi.nl, telephone +31(0)20 592 4212,

or prof. dr. Martin Kersten, email martin.kersten at cwi.nl, telephone +31(0)20 592 4066.


Please send your application before 31 July 2011 to: pd at cwi.nl.

Applications should include a detailed CV, a motivation letter, a list of
your M.SC. courses and grades, a copy of your master thesis, and preferably
a list of publications.

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