[Monetdb-announce] PhD position at CWI Database Architecture group

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Tue Jun 14 01:58:33 CEST 2011

CWI is an internationally renowned research institute in mathematics and
computer science, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The focus is on fundamental research problems, inspired by societal needs.
Research is carried out in 18 research groups and a substantial fraction
is carried out in the framework of (inter)national programs.


CWI has a vacancy for a talented PhD candidate in the DB Architectures group


The Database Architectures group is one of the world-wide leading groups in
system-oriented database research, e.g., it received the 10-year best paper
award at VLDB 2009 for their pioneering research on hardware-aware database
technology and the column-store model. The group has a unique methodology
that combines fundamental database research with active participation of all
group members in database engineering, centered around the open-source
analytical database system MonetDB (http://www.monetdb.org/).
You will be expected to write both papers and contribute to this code base.

The focus of the group is on hard core data management and for this position
specifically on database architectures to support large scale scientific
applications in the context of the SciLens project (http://www.scilens.org).
The goal is to leverage the potential power of a 330 node dedicated database
machine to improve science in, e.g., astronomy and seismology.

CWI maintains excellent relations with industry and the academic world, both
in the Netherlands as well as abroad. An internship at one of the partnering
database research labs world-wide is considered part of the PhD track.
After their research careers at CWI, many staff members find employment in
these sectors or in spin-off companies based on research results from CWI.
Of course, library and computing facilities are first-class.
CWI's non-scientific services to its personnel include career planning,
training and courses, assistance in finding housing, and tailor-made
solutions to problems that may occasionally arise.


The PhD candidates must have a master degree in computer science,
(specialization distributed systems, database, software engineering)
mathematics, or related fields. Preferable qualifications for candidates
include proven research talent, system programming skills (C/C++),
practical experience with database systems, and software development in a team.

One should bring good academic writing and presentation skills.
Candidates are expected to have an excellent command of English.


The terms of employment are in accordance with the Dutch "CAO-onderzoeksinstellingen".
Moreover, CWI offers attractive working conditions, including flexibility
and help with housing for foreigners.

The gross monthly salary (on a full time basis) will be € 2,037 during
the first year and will reach € 2,610 during the fourth year.


Additional information can be obtained from
prof.dr. Martin Kersten, email martin.kersten at cwi.nl, telephone +31(0)20 592 4066,
or dr. Stefan Manegold, email stefan.manegold at cwi.nl, telephone +31(0)20 592 4212.

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