[Monetdb-announce] Bug fix release of MonetDB suite

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at acm.org
Mon Feb 26 17:06:08 CET 2007

The MonetDB team at CWI, The Netherlands, is happy to announce the
availability of a new bug-fix release for the major "Venus" release.
New versions of all components of the MonetDB suite are released.

The handling of updates was incomplete.  Several memory mapping
and concurrency problems have been fixed.  Moreover, empty pages that
resulted from deletion of nodes are now properly handed back to the
system for reuse.

Security and concurrency handling has been improved.

Foreign key constraint checking fixed;
View in view dependencies bug fixed;
Resolved crashes caused by large views;
Prepared statements with more than 30 arguments now work.

Haskell and TCL libraries were broken and have been removed;
Perl and Python libraries were broken and have been fixed.
The current version of the protocol is not compatible with the
previous version.

Bugs fixed:
[ 1579510 ] XQ: update error for "(1,2)/."
[ 1590523 ] XQ: substring-after
[ 1636828 ] fork() behaves strangely
[ 1637867 ] XQ: seqcast int? to numeric unsupported
[ 1639108 ] mserver crashes on delete query
[ 1640248 ] PF: ~500 tests randomly fail on Solaris x86
[ 1644245 ] M5 & SQL5: various tests hang/timeout on Darwin
[ 1648303 ] database dump does not save/restore auto-increment sequences
[ 1650469 ] SQL: Armada sinks MonetDB ships
[ 1651567 ] yet another delete bug, foreign key related
[ 1651599 ] caching of inserts causes extreme memory consumption
[ 1655818 ] SQL:Error inserting float in numeric column using JDBC
[ 1655857 ] XQ: call to builtin function crashes XRPC client
[ 1659889 ] SQL: sequence not restored properly
[ 1644610 ] Conflict between normal query and XRPC query

(and many more that hadn't been reported)

Sjoerd Mullender

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