[Monetdb-announce] Release of "MonetDB/XQuery 0.10", "MonetDB/SQL 2.10" & "MonetDB 4.10" (aka. "Earth")

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Wed Jan 25 17:28:30 CET 2006

Dear all,

we're pround to annonce the new release of our open source high-performance
database system family:
			MonetDB        4.10
			MonetDB/SQL    2.10
			MonetDB/XQuery 0.10
or simply nick-named

The new release is avialable for download from
	http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=56967 .

The MonetDB release 4.10 ("Earth") marks the end of a period where much
attention was given to improving the performance of simple SQL applications. 
These improvements came from careful analysis of student programs and
participating in the "c't" Magazine's database contest featuring the
DVDstore benchmark.

It led to re-consideration of MAPI -- the communication protocol -- aiming
for less overhead and complex structures to be parsed.  To facilitate this,
JDBC has been largely rewritten at core level to streamline the
communication flow even more.  Not only JDBC has benefited from the changes
made, all MAPI driven communication has been sped up.

A second Perl library has been prepared, which more directly uses the MAPI
library.  It has been registered at the official Perl archive for
distribution (CPAN).  ODBC has been upgraded to support server side prepared
statements like JDBC.  More meta-data is now available for columns in JDBC.

MonetDB/SQL has been extended with SQL:03's sequences support.  This allows
for identity columns, serials (PostgreSQL) or auto_increments (MySQL) in
MonetDB.  A complete rewrite of the catalog and transaction handling removed
the overhead encountered in small interactions.  The SQL transaction scheme
is based on three BATs (stable,inserts,deletes) which are merged at the end
of a transaction.

MonetDB/XQuery performance has been significantly improved thanks to the
introduction of an element index and other optimizations both in the
compiler and the server.  Further, support for a number of new built-in
functions (e.g. subsequence, replace, match) has been added and
MonetDB/XQuery now provides (limited) support for XQuery modules.  The latter
allows defining 'prepared queries' by using functions defined in modules,
which results in better response times especially for small queries.  See
http://monetdb.cwi.nl/XQuery/Documentation/Language/Modules/index.html for
more details.

The MonetDB software base has been split to ease source distribution.  The
tools to prepare the source compilation (Mx), source code generators (MEL,
Burg) and makefile generators (autogen) are assembled in the buildtools
package.  They are not needed to recompile the distributed source code.

In the kernel area we have added the 'constant' module.  It provides
functions to work with BATs whose tail consist of a constant value.

During this period we have solved numerous bugs reported by our users.
In addition we organized 3 bug testing days to encapsulate the problems
reported into scripts that became part of our nightly testing scheme.

Several smaller performance improvements have been made to the inner core of
the server.  One semantic error has been the cause of confusion.  BATs with
signature [void,void] are now allowed.  A detailed description of the
changes will follow soon.

Lack of manpower, expiring access to external machines, ceasing system
maintenance and decrepit hardware forced us to stop nightly testing on IBM
AIX, SGI IRIX and Sun Solaris.  Thus, all active support for these (aging)
platforms had to be suspended, too, but can easily be revived on request,
once we (re-)gain access to such systems.  Higher on our wishlist are more
modern systems, especially 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Mac OS X.  We welcome
any donation in this area: access to respective systems, hardware, and/or
(especially in case of the pending 64-bit Windows port of MonetDB)
development-expertise and -time.

The next release of MonetDB version 4 is scheduled for March 2006.
By that time we also plan to release the alpha version of the next
generation of MonetDB, version 5.

Further information about MonetDB, MonetDB/SQL and MonetDB/XQuery is
available on our web site at 
respectively.  See 
for details about recent changes, migration from earlier versions, and
future plans.

The MonetDB Development Team

ps: For questions, comments, etc. please use the respective mailing lists
    (cf., http://monetdb.cwi.nl/News/MailChannels/ ; prefered), or send an
    email to monet at cwi.nl.

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