[Monetdb-announce] New (pre-) release "MonetDB-4.3.18" & "MonetDB-SQL-2.0.18"

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Wed Jul 7 19:30:38 CEST 2004

Dear MonetDB users and developers,

finally, the new (pre-) release "MonetDB-4.3.18" plus "MonetDB-SQL-2.0.18"
is available on SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/monetdb/).

All users are highly advised (actually "requested" ;-)
to use the new release as of now
(see below for detail concerning download and CVS checkout/update).

Please do not hesitate to ask for support and report bugs or problems,
preferably via the bug tracing system at SourceForge
(http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=56967&atid=482468) or via email to
monet at cwi.nl; however, please always state clearly, which version of
MonetDB/SQL you are using (as the Mserver tells you at startup)!

Any support for the now obsolete release candidates "MonetDB-4.3.18_rc02" &
"MonetDB-SQL-2.0.18_rc02" will stop as of now.


 - Background
 - Change Logs
 - Downloads
 - CVS update
 - CVS checkins


Sticking to our roadmap
we release MonetDB-4.3.18 + SQL-2.0.18 as "snapshots",

as "larger changes" are expected to happen during the summer,
heading for the first official release after the summer.

The release candidates ("MonetDB-4.3.18_rc02" & "MonetDB-SQL-2.0.18_rc02")
have been tested during the past 4 weeks, and reported bugs have been fixed.
Thank you very much for all your contributions!
According to our TestWeb
both MonetDB and SQL are working fine.

Change Logs

In MonetDB, changes since MonetDB-4.3.18_rc02 / MonetDB-SQL-2.0.18_rc02 are
mainly bug fixes, more robust memory management, and improved/extended

For detail, please check out the changelogs in the Monetdb-changelogs
mailing list on SF


These rpm's contain the binary distribution for Linux.
The *RedHat* rpm's were built on a RedHat-9 system and the *SuSE* rpm's were
built on a SuSE-8.1 system; however, both should work on other Linux
distributions as well (unless there are incompatibilities with dynamically
linked system libraries...).
While the MonetDB-client-4.3.18-1_*.i686.rpm can be installed stand-alone,
the MonetDB-server-4.3.18-1_*.i686.rpm requires the matching
MonetDB-client-4.3.18-1_*.i686.rpm to be installed as well.
To develop your own add-on modules, you additionally need to install the

These rpm's contain the binary distribution for Linux.
The *.rpm were built on a RedHat-9 system; however, they should work
on other Linux distributions as well (unless there are incompatibilities with
dynamically linked system libraries...).
To get a working MonetDB-SQL server, you need to install the
MonetDB-SQL-server-2.0.18-1beta_RedHat.rpm (which requires that
the MonetDB-server-4.3.18-1_*.rpm is already installed).
MonetDB's "MapiClient" also serves as a textual SQL user interface:
simply start it with "MapiClient --language=sql".
The MonetDB-SQL-client-2.0.18-1beta_RedHat.rpm contains
(preliminary) ODBC & JDBC support for MonetDB-SQL.
The MonetDB-SQL-devel-2.0.18-1beta.athlon.rpm contains header
files for further development.

This is a gzip'ed tar file containing the source code of MonetDB;
read HowToStart or HowToStart-Win32.txt for build instructions.

This is a gzip'ed tar file containing the source code of MonetDB/SQL;
read HowToStart-SQL or HowToStart-SQL-Win32.txt for build instructions.

These two zip files contain each a file Setup.exe which is the Windows
installer. Extract the zip file somewhere, and start Setup.exe to install
MonetDB. Both installers also contains the SQL frontend which is
automatically installed. Once installed, you can find shortcuts to the SQL
server and SQL client in the Start menu.
The only difference between both installers is the following:
"MonetDB-Installer-4.3.18.zip" is built with Visual Studio .NET 2003,
and hence requires the .NET runtime environment to be installed, too;
"MonetDB-Setup-4.3.18.zip" is built with Visual Studio 6 plus InstallShield,
and hence works without any extra runtime environment.

Mknife is a 'Swiss army knife' GUI to ease the interaction with a running
MonetDB server.
See http://monetdb.cwi.nl/GetGoing/Usage/Mknife/ for details.

CVS update

If you are already using the release (candidate) branches "MonetDB_4-3-18"
and "SQL_2-0-18" from CVS, simply run
        "cvs update -dP" 
to update your code to this new release version.

If you are using any other CVS version, you can either run
        "cvs update -dP -rMonetDB_4-3-18_release" 
        "cvs update -dP -rSQL_2-0-18_release"
to get this very release, or 
        "cvs update -dP -rMonetDB_4-3-18"
        "cvs update -dP -rSQL_2-0-18"
to get the most recent version in the release branch. 

The difference is, that via the first option, you are "stuck" with this very
release, i.e., future "cvs update" (without "-r..." or "-A") will not change
your checked-out version; via the second option, however, future "cvs
update" will get you again the latest version in the release branch.

CVS checkins

Only *major* bug fixes (and only these!) on MonetDB and/or SQL are allowed
to go to the new release branches ("MonetDB_4-3-18"/"SQL_2-0-18").
If necessary, I will then take care of propagating these bug-fixes back to
the respective main branch.

All other changes are bound to go to the main branches (and only there!).

As usually, any (constructive;-) comments and feedback are more than welcome!



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