[Monetdb-announce] New (pre-) release "MonetDB_4-3-16"

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Fri Apr 9 20:44:31 CEST 2004

Hello MonetDB users and developers,

finally, the (pre-) release "MonetDB_4-3-16" is available on SourceForge

Changes since the last release candidate "MonetDB_4-3-16_rc06" are mainly
bug fixes and performance improvements;
for details, see the change log in the monetdb-changelogs mailing list

Please use the new release and report any related bugs or problems
through the SourceForge bug tracker


[ For the time being, only the (generic) souce distribution and the binary ]
[ distribution (rpm) for Linux are available.                              ]
[ The binary distribution for Windows will follow on Tuesday, April 13.    ]

These rpm's contain the binary distribution for Linux.
The *RedHat* rpm's were built on a RedHat-9 system and the *SuSE* rpm's were
built on a SuSE-8.1 system; however, both should work on other Linux
distributions as well (unless there are incompatibilities with dynamically
linked system libraries...).
While the MonetDB-client-4.3.16-1_*.i686.rpm can be installed stand-alone,
the MonetDB-server-4.3.16-1_*.i686.rpm requires the matching
MonetDB-client-4.3.16-1_*.i686.rpm to be installed as well.
To develop your own add-on modules, you additionally need to install the

This is a gzip'ed tar file containing the source code;
read HowToStart or HowToStart-Win32.txt for build instructions.

Mknife is a 'Swiss army knife' GUI to ease the interaction with a running
MonetDB server.
See http://monetdb.cwi.nl/GetGoing/Usage/Mknife/ for details.

CVS update

If you are already using the release (candidate) branch
"MonetDB_4-3-16" from CVS, simply run 
	"cvs update -dP"
to update your code to this new release version.

If you are using any other CVS version, you can either run
	"cvs update -dP -rMonetDB_4-3-16_release"
to get this very release, or 
	"cvs update -dP -rMonetDB_4-3-16"
to get the most recent version in the release branch. 
The difference is, that via the first option, you are "stuck" with this very
release, i.e., future "cvs update" (without "-r..." or "-A") will not change
your checked-out version; via the second option, however, future "cvs
update" will get you again the latest version in the release branch.

Happy Easter!


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