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Bug tracker

Community support

Living at the open-source edge comes with some risks. At some point you may be surprised by an unexpected response of your application code. After thorough testing of your own code, trying to nail down the error, you start wondering if you may have hit upon a limitation or software bug of MonetDB itself. Then it is time to contact the community through the User Channel or directly file a Bug Report. A question on the user channel should at least contain the following bits of information for users to assess the context:

  1. MonetDB version number
  2. Operating system platform
  3. Installed from release package or self-installed and compiled
  4. Minimal script to recreate the issue/situation
  5. Any references to the documentation that is obscure to you

If the issue relates to unexpected performance problems or behavior, it would be helpful for others to understand the basics of your setting, i.e.

  1. Relevant part of the database schema description
  2. Performance trace of the rogue query over tables (see TRACE command)

The suggestions given here are intended to assist you in providing the information needed by others to help you solve the problem. Recall that bug fixing is not our primary daily job. Certainly not those that are immanently part of your own use of MonetDB in building applications. If a bug is obviously a MonetDB mistake and affects many users, chances are good that someone will take care of it and prepare a software patch for the next (bug-fix) release. However, some bugs may call for a major overhaul or have deep impact on the functionality provided. Then they are likely handled with low priority and end up on the enhancement list.

Bug reporting

Before you report a bug verify that you can repeat the buggy behavior in a cleanly installed MonetDB environment. Furthermore, try to create a setting with minimal input for an external user to demonstrate him the buggy behavior.  If the system terminates with a fatal signal, then certainly we would be interested in re-creating the erroneous situation ourself. You may have to anonymize the data to avoid privacy leakage, or better use fake data.

All bugs and feature enhancements are handled through the BugTracker. It contains a self-explanatory form to fill in the details needed for us to analyse the bug report and come up with a solution.