Windows Easy Setup

Step 1

Install MonetDB

If you see Windows protected your PC pop-up, click on more info -> Run anyway

Step 2

Hello World!

After the installation start the MonetDB server by simply opening:

'Program Files -> MonetDB5 -> M5server.bat'

Leave the server running and start the MonetDB client by opening:

'Program Files -> MonetDB5 -> mclient.bat'

Connect to the database with the following credentials:

default user: monetdb

default password: monetdb

Perform the first query

sql> SELECT 'hello world';

    | single_value  |
    | hello world   |
    1 tuple

Remember to close the query with semicolon

Terminate the connection with the server

sql> \q

Step 3

Have Fun

Now it's time to discover some more advanced features of MonetDB. Go to see our Introduction to MonetDB in the documentation section to discover, among others:

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