Aug 2018-SP2 bugfix release (11.31.13)

SQL Frontend
  • Disabled function sys.getcontent(url).
Bug Fixes
  • 6643: schema name qualifier in create global temporary table json.table6643 ... is not honered
  • 6645: optimizer treats all the functions with no or constant parameters as constant
  • 6650: PREPARE SQL statement fails to compile user defined functions with parameter/s
  • 6651: Multi-column IN clause for subquery produces wrong results
  • 6653: CREATE TABLE accepts empty table/column name
  • 6654: Incorrect handling of 'TRUE' in compound select
  • 6657: Restart sequence with a non atomic sub-query cardinality gives wrong error message
  • 6660: GRANTing a ROLE is not idempotent
  • 6662: Concurrency Conflicts Exception string "!transaction is aborted because of concurrency conflicts, will ROLLBACK instead" not shown on prompt.
  • 6664: mserver5 crash: infinite recursive happens at rel_bin.c:489
  • 6665: Creation of serial types does not accept negative numbers
  • 6666: COPY INTO from .. LOCKED doubles input data
  • 6668: The SAMPLE key word doesn't work in a subquery.
  • 6669: COPY [xxx RECORDS] INTO foo FROM STDIN ... doesn't work without specifying nr of to be copied records
  • 6672: SQLGetData with SQL_C_WCHAR string truncation and invalid StrLen_or_Ind value