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MonetDB Download Area for Debian uand Ubuntu

This directory contains the packages for Debian and Ubuntu. We usually build for all current versions of Debian and Ubuntu.

Create a file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/monetdb.list with the following contents (replacing "suite" with your system's code name which you may be able to get by running the command lsb_release -cs):

deb suite monetdb
deb-src suite monetdb

Then issue the following command to install the MonetDB GPG public key:

wget --output-document=- | sudo apt-key add -

After this, you can use apt to install the MonetDB packages. First run:

sudo apt update

To install MonetDB/SQL, use the command:

sudo apt install monetdb5-sql monetdb-client

If you wish (and your system uses it), you can have systemd manage the MonetDB service. If you do, the databases will be in /var/monetdb5/dbfarm:

sudo systemctl enable monetdbd
sudo systemctl start monetdbd

Add any users who are allowed to run a database server to the monetdb group, which was automatically created in the previous step:

sudo usermod -a -G monetdb $USER

Then log out and back in again to activate this change. After this you can run monetdbd or mserver5.

Further information about the "Jun2020-SP1" release is available in the release notes.

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