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MonetDB Download Area for Mac OS X

This directory contains archived binaries for various versions of OS X. Before you install the package check the release notes to determine if a dump/restore action is required on your database. All commands on this page should be executed as superuser (root). You may be able to add sudo in front of every command, or else run SU first.

There are multiple ways to install the latest release of MonetDB on OS X.

From Archive

First download the latest released version on MonetDB from the link below. Make sure you pick the right one for your architecture. 

tar xf <filename>
ln -s usr/local/monetdb /usr/local/monetdb
export PATH=/usr/local/monetdb/bin:$PATH

From Homebrew

xcode-select --install
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install monetdb


Homebrew is designed to install software on your computer without the need or admin permissions, so no sudo. This can actually be an issue if you had a prior version of MonetDB built and installed manually using admin permission. As Homebrew will tries to link the binaries in the /usr/bin directory, the installation might fail. If you encounter such an issue, carefully, manually remove the offending files, you won't be needing anyways, since you will be reinstalling MonetDB. Homebrew will be unable to do this for you since it rung underprivileged.

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