MonetDB-client-odbc - MonetDB ODBC driver

License: MPLv2.0
Vendor: MonetDB BV <>
MonetDB is a database management system that is developed from a
main-memory perspective with use of a fully decomposed storage model,
automatic index management, extensibility of data types and search
accelerators.  It also has an SQL frontend.

This package contains the MonetDB ODBC driver.


MonetDB-client-odbc-11.31.11-20181011.fc27.i686 [294 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2018-10-11):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#6648: key property potentially wrong after type conversion
- BZ#6649: Projection inside within transaction gives wrong results
MonetDB-client-odbc-11.31.7-20180829.fc27.i686 [293 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2018-08-29):
- Rebuilt.
MonetDB-client-odbc-11.29.7-20180531.fc27.i686 [284 KiB] Changelog by Panagiotis Koutsourakis (2018-05-31):
- Rebuilt.
MonetDB-client-odbc-11.29.3-20180327.fc27.i686 [282 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2018-03-27):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#3824: Created table not visible from ODBC
- BZ#6556: Sqlitelogictest division by zero on COALESCE call
- BZ#6557: Sqlitelogictest crash on aggregation query with not in
- BZ#6559: rows in sys.statistics are not removed when a temporary table
  is dropped.
- BZ#6560: Sqlitelogictest crash on group by query with having in
- BZ#6561: Sqlitelogictest crash on group by query with having not
  in clause
MonetDB-client-odbc-11.27.13-20180202.fc27.i686 [264 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2018-02-02):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#3470: Support setClob without length restrictions
- BZ#6468: JDBC 2.27 fails with year < 1000
- BZ#6482: Query failures on order by on union
- BZ#6483: Monetdb crashes, on query
- BZ#6487: UNION of NULLs with several tables fails
- BZ#6488: Semijoin returns duplicate values from a column with unique
- BZ#6489: Sqlitelogictest - Wrong result set of complex conditional query
- BZ#6490: Sqlitelogictest - Select query with an IN clause parse error
- BZ#6491: SELECT IN returns NULL instead of false when not found
- BZ#6492: Persistent hashes stored and then ignored. Storage info not
  in sync with actual indices.
- BZ#6493: Sqlitelogictest - Aggregation query on empty table with
  DISTINCT clause
- BZ#6494: Sqlitelogictest - Algebra operators priority in select query
- BZ#6495: Sqlitelogictest - Omitting AS in a result set column alias name
- BZ#6496: Sqlitelogictest - Select interval comparisons between
  floating-points and NULL
- BZ#6497: Sqlitelogictest - Select not between query producing wrong
- BZ#6498: large virtual memory spike on BLOB column COUNT
- BZ#6499: Crash when trying to replace a function defined in sys from
  a different schema
- BZ#6502: Query with multiple limit clauses does not return anything
- BZ#6508: Segmentation fault in mserver5 on Python2 UDF with TIMESTAMP
  column input that has NULL values (conversion.c:438, PyNullMask_FromBAT)
- BZ#6510: Sqlitelogictest: Wrong output in aggregation query
- BZ#6512: Monetdb crashes on query with limit after sort with case
- BZ#6514: Sqlitelogictest: Range query between NULL values not possible
- BZ#6515: Insert null second interval value results in 0
- BZ#6516: Sqlitelogictest unknown bat append operation
- BZ#6517: Sqlitelogictest overflow in conversion during MAL plan
- BZ#6518: Sqlitelogictest: count aggregation with not in operator
- BZ#6519: Sqlitelogictest: algebra join between lng and int BATs
- BZ#6520: UPDATE with correlated subquery causes assertion (or segfault)
- BZ#6522: Sqlitelogictest: IN operator return a single column
- BZ#6523: Sqlitelogictest: Case statement subquery missing
- BZ#6524: Sqlitelogictest: Crash in aggregation query with IN operator
- BZ#6527: Crash using order by alias in subquery
MonetDB-client-odbc-11.27.11-20171204.fc27.i686 [261 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2017-12-04):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#3898: Deadlock on insertion
- BZ#6429: ROUND produces wrong data type
- BZ#6436: Query sequence with 2x ifthenelse() and next nullif() causes
  mserver5 Segmentation fault
- BZ#6439: Invalid references to from
- BZ#6442: SEGFAULT with COPY INTO BEST EFFORT and skipping input columns
- BZ#6443: complex(?) query forgets(?) column name
- BZ#6444: Using 'with' keyword with table returning function crashes
- BZ#6445: Sqlitelogictest crash in MySQL query
- BZ#6446: sql_parser.y bug?
- BZ#6448: 'insert into' with multiple rows containing subqueries crashes
- BZ#6449: Assertion error in rel_dce_refs (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6450: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6451: Assertion error in sql_ref_dec (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6453: Assertion error  in rel_rename_exps (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6454: SQL lexical error
- BZ#6455: Assertion error in rel_apply_rewrite (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6456: NULL becomes 0 in outer join
- BZ#6459: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6462: large virtual memory spike on BLOB column select
- BZ#6465: appending to variables sized atom bats other than str bats
  with force flag may result in corrupted heap
- BZ#6467: date_to_str formatter is wrong
- BZ#6470: mitosis gets in the way of simple select
- BZ#6471: calls to sys.generate_series should auto-convert arguments
- BZ#6472: Assertion failure in rel_rename (Sqlsmith)
- BZ#6477: assertion eror rel_push_project_up (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6478: Crash with nested order by/ limit offset
- BZ#6479: Mserver receives an assertion error on a procedure call
- BZ#6480: Segfault in mvc_find_subexp (sqlsmith)
MonetDB-client-odbc-11.27.9-20171023.fc27.i686 [259 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2017-10-23):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#6207: identifier ambiguous when grouping and selecting the same
  column twice
- BZ#6335: Sqlitelogictest crash in complex SQL query
- BZ#6405: Compilation error if DISABLE_PARENT_HASH not defined
- BZ#6412: Overflow in sys.epoch
- BZ#6413: Wrong answer for TPC-H Q17
- BZ#6414: Using RPAD returns: could not allocate space
- BZ#6416: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query with a NOT IN clause
- BZ#6417: Segfault encountered (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6418: Segfault in renaming (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6419: segfault in rel_optimizer (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6420: Assertion error in mergetable task (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6422: Another assertion error in rel_or (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6423: Dereference null pointer (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6424: Assertion error in rel_rename_expr (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6425: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6426: Assertion error in rel_find_exp_ (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6427: Assertion error in eq_typeswitchloop (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6428: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query
- BZ#6430: Assertion raised in another eq_typeswitch error (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6431: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query with a long
  having clause
- BZ#6432: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6433: Sqlitelogictest crash in complex SELECT query with IN operator
- BZ#6435: Sqlitelogictest crash in simple select query
- BZ#6437: System schemas "profiler" and "json" shouldn't be allowed to
  be dropped.
- BZ#6438: Implement functionality to enforce the restrict option in:
- BZ#6440: Faulty plan generated. Query returns more rows than expected
  or existing in the view sys.tables.

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