MonetDB-SQL-server5 - MonetDB5 SQL server modules

License: MPLv2.0
Vendor: MonetDB BV <>
MonetDB is a database management system that is developed from a
main-memory perspective with use of a fully decomposed storage model,
automatic index management, extensibility of data types and search
accelerators.  It also has an SQL frontend.

This package contains the SQL frontend for MonetDB.  If you want to
use SQL with MonetDB, you will need to install this package.


MonetDB-SQL-server5-11.31.11-20181011.fc27.i686 [908 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2018-10-11):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#6648: key property potentially wrong after type conversion
- BZ#6649: Projection inside within transaction gives wrong results
MonetDB-SQL-server5-11.31.7-20180829.fc27.i686 [907 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2018-08-29):
- Rebuilt.
MonetDB-SQL-server5-11.29.7-20180531.fc27.i686 [889 KiB] Changelog by Panagiotis Koutsourakis (2018-05-31):
- Rebuilt.
MonetDB-SQL-server5-11.29.3-20180327.fc27.i686 [883 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2018-03-27):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#3824: Created table not visible from ODBC
- BZ#6556: Sqlitelogictest division by zero on COALESCE call
- BZ#6557: Sqlitelogictest crash on aggregation query with not in
- BZ#6559: rows in sys.statistics are not removed when a temporary table
  is dropped.
- BZ#6560: Sqlitelogictest crash on group by query with having in
- BZ#6561: Sqlitelogictest crash on group by query with having not
  in clause
MonetDB-SQL-server5-11.27.13-20180202.fc27.i686 [810 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2018-02-02):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#3470: Support setClob without length restrictions
- BZ#6468: JDBC 2.27 fails with year < 1000
- BZ#6482: Query failures on order by on union
- BZ#6483: Monetdb crashes, on query
- BZ#6487: UNION of NULLs with several tables fails
- BZ#6488: Semijoin returns duplicate values from a column with unique
- BZ#6489: Sqlitelogictest - Wrong result set of complex conditional query
- BZ#6490: Sqlitelogictest - Select query with an IN clause parse error
- BZ#6491: SELECT IN returns NULL instead of false when not found
- BZ#6492: Persistent hashes stored and then ignored. Storage info not
  in sync with actual indices.
- BZ#6493: Sqlitelogictest - Aggregation query on empty table with
  DISTINCT clause
- BZ#6494: Sqlitelogictest - Algebra operators priority in select query
- BZ#6495: Sqlitelogictest - Omitting AS in a result set column alias name
- BZ#6496: Sqlitelogictest - Select interval comparisons between
  floating-points and NULL
- BZ#6497: Sqlitelogictest - Select not between query producing wrong
- BZ#6498: large virtual memory spike on BLOB column COUNT
- BZ#6499: Crash when trying to replace a function defined in sys from
  a different schema
- BZ#6502: Query with multiple limit clauses does not return anything
- BZ#6508: Segmentation fault in mserver5 on Python2 UDF with TIMESTAMP
  column input that has NULL values (conversion.c:438, PyNullMask_FromBAT)
- BZ#6510: Sqlitelogictest: Wrong output in aggregation query
- BZ#6512: Monetdb crashes on query with limit after sort with case
- BZ#6514: Sqlitelogictest: Range query between NULL values not possible
- BZ#6515: Insert null second interval value results in 0
- BZ#6516: Sqlitelogictest unknown bat append operation
- BZ#6517: Sqlitelogictest overflow in conversion during MAL plan
- BZ#6518: Sqlitelogictest: count aggregation with not in operator
- BZ#6519: Sqlitelogictest: algebra join between lng and int BATs
- BZ#6520: UPDATE with correlated subquery causes assertion (or segfault)
- BZ#6522: Sqlitelogictest: IN operator return a single column
- BZ#6523: Sqlitelogictest: Case statement subquery missing
- BZ#6524: Sqlitelogictest: Crash in aggregation query with IN operator
- BZ#6527: Crash using order by alias in subquery
MonetDB-SQL-server5-11.27.11-20171204.fc27.i686 [805 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2017-12-04):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#3898: Deadlock on insertion
- BZ#6429: ROUND produces wrong data type
- BZ#6436: Query sequence with 2x ifthenelse() and next nullif() causes
  mserver5 Segmentation fault
- BZ#6439: Invalid references to from
- BZ#6442: SEGFAULT with COPY INTO BEST EFFORT and skipping input columns
- BZ#6443: complex(?) query forgets(?) column name
- BZ#6444: Using 'with' keyword with table returning function crashes
- BZ#6445: Sqlitelogictest crash in MySQL query
- BZ#6446: sql_parser.y bug?
- BZ#6448: 'insert into' with multiple rows containing subqueries crashes
- BZ#6449: Assertion error in rel_dce_refs (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6450: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6451: Assertion error in sql_ref_dec (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6453: Assertion error  in rel_rename_exps (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6454: SQL lexical error
- BZ#6455: Assertion error in rel_apply_rewrite (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6456: NULL becomes 0 in outer join
- BZ#6459: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6462: large virtual memory spike on BLOB column select
- BZ#6465: appending to variables sized atom bats other than str bats
  with force flag may result in corrupted heap
- BZ#6467: date_to_str formatter is wrong
- BZ#6470: mitosis gets in the way of simple select
- BZ#6471: calls to sys.generate_series should auto-convert arguments
- BZ#6472: Assertion failure in rel_rename (Sqlsmith)
- BZ#6477: assertion eror rel_push_project_up (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6478: Crash with nested order by/ limit offset
- BZ#6479: Mserver receives an assertion error on a procedure call
- BZ#6480: Segfault in mvc_find_subexp (sqlsmith)
MonetDB-SQL-server5-11.27.9-20171023.fc27.i686 [800 KiB] Changelog by Sjoerd Mullender (2017-10-23):
- Rebuilt.
- BZ#6207: identifier ambiguous when grouping and selecting the same
  column twice
- BZ#6335: Sqlitelogictest crash in complex SQL query
- BZ#6405: Compilation error if DISABLE_PARENT_HASH not defined
- BZ#6412: Overflow in sys.epoch
- BZ#6413: Wrong answer for TPC-H Q17
- BZ#6414: Using RPAD returns: could not allocate space
- BZ#6416: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query with a NOT IN clause
- BZ#6417: Segfault encountered (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6418: Segfault in renaming (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6419: segfault in rel_optimizer (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6420: Assertion error in mergetable task (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6422: Another assertion error in rel_or (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6423: Dereference null pointer (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6424: Assertion error in rel_rename_expr (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6425: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6426: Assertion error in rel_find_exp_ (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6427: Assertion error in eq_typeswitchloop (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6428: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query
- BZ#6430: Assertion raised in another eq_typeswitch error (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6431: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query with a long
  having clause
- BZ#6432: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
- BZ#6433: Sqlitelogictest crash in complex SELECT query with IN operator
- BZ#6435: Sqlitelogictest crash in simple select query
- BZ#6437: System schemas "profiler" and "json" shouldn't be allowed to
  be dropped.
- BZ#6438: Implement functionality to enforce the restrict option in:
- BZ#6440: Faulty plan generated. Query returns more rows than expected
  or existing in the view sys.tables.

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