UUID Functions

These apply to MonetDB SQL type: UUID (Universally Unique IDentifiers).

Note: You must include the sys. prefix for these UUID functions (see examples) in order to work properly from other schemas than sys.

FunctionReturn typeDescriptionExampleResult
sys.isauuid(string)booleantests if the given string represents a valid uuid value and returns a boolean value true or false, or null when the input is nullsys.isauuid('e31960fb-dc8b-452d-ab30-b342723e7565')true
sys.uuid()uuidgenerates and returns a new random uuidsys.uuid()65950c76-a2f6-4543-660a-b849cf5f2453

To convert a string column or expression or literal (which represents a valid uuid) to a uuid type you can use a cast() or convert() function. Examples:

select  cast('26d7a80b-7538-4682-a49a-9d0f9676b765' as uuid)  as uuid_val;
select convert('83886744-d558-4e41-a361-a40b2765455b', uuid)  as uuid_val;

To convert a quoted string literal which represents a valid uuid to a uuid type you can also use the uuid prefix. Example:

select uuid'AC6E4E8C-81B5-41B5-82DE-9C837C23B40A'  as uuid_val;