Getting Started


Are you primarily interested in using MonetDB to develop SQL-based applications; using its command-line-interface or developing JDBC & ODBC applications? This guide is for you. You should have installed the MonetDB suite on your machine or rely on a system administrator doing it up-front.

MonetDB is an elaborate eco-system to address data management challenges. The topics below help you to get started quickly and navigate to areas of interest.

  • Before You Begin

    System prerequisites and requirements for using MonetDB.

  • Check Setup

    To ensure everything is installed properly, try out this simple recipe.

  • Further reading

    The manual guides are split into three main categories based on the primary user role and interest. The User Guide is primarily for users interested into building SQL applications or interaction using a command line interface or GUI workbench. The Administrator Guide is meant for user to administer the database resources, responsible for the installation and keeping an eye on resource usage. The Developer Guide is for users interesting in building the system from source, its nightly testing, internals, or interaction on missing features and bug reports.

    The three roles are by no means meant to divide the work over three persons. In most cases, a user will switch roles over time as needed.

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