Fits module

MODULE fits;

UNSAFE PATTERN fits.attach(X_0:str):void;
COMMENT "Open a FITS file and return catalog of the table HDUs";

PATTERN fits.export(X_0:str):void;
COMMENT "Export a table to a FITS file";

COMMAND fits.fitstest(X_0:str):int;
COMMENT "Returns the type of first extension in the FITS file filename";

UNSAFE PATTERN fits.listdir(X_0:str):void;
COMMENT "Attach all FITS files in the directory";

UNSAFE PATTERN fits.listdirPATTERN(X_0:str, X_1:str):void;
COMMENT "Attach all FITS file in the directory, giving a pattern";

UNSAFE PATTERN fits.load(X_0:str):void;
COMMENT "Load a FITS table from an attached file";

Netcdf module

MODULE netcdf;

UNSAFE PATTERN netcdf.attach(X_0:str):void;
COMMENT "Register a NetCDF file in the vault";

UNSAFE COMMAND netcdf.importvar(X_0:str, X_1:int):str;
COMMENT "Import variable: compose create array string";

UNSAFE PATTERN netcdf.importvariable(X_0:int, X_1:str):void;
COMMENT "Import variable: create array and load data from variable varname of file fileid";

COMMAND netcdf.test(X_0:str):int;
COMMENT "Returns number of variables in a given NetCDF dataset (file)";

Shp module


UNSAFE PATTERN shp.attach(X_0:str):void;
COMMENT "Register an ESRI Shapefile in the vault catalog";

UNSAFE PATTERN shp.import(X_0:int):void;
COMMENT "Import an ESRI Shapefile with given id into the vault";

UNSAFE PATTERN shp.import(X_0:int, X_1:wkb):void;
COMMENT "Partially import an ESRI Shapefile with given id into the vault";