Go-MonetDB Library

To install the 'monetdb' package to your $GOPATH, simply use the 'go' tool. Make sure you have Git installed.

$ go get github.com/MonetDB/MonetDB-Go


This Go MonetDB driver implements Go's driver interface. Once you import it, you can use the standard Go database API to access MonetDB.

import (
	_ "github.com/MonetDB/MonetDB-Go/src"

Then use 'monetdb' as the driver name and Data Source Name (DSN) as specified in the next section.

db, err := sql.Open("monetdb", "username:password@hostname:50000/database")

Data Source Name (DSN)

The format of the DSN is the following


If the port is blank, then the default port 50000 will be used.

API Documentation