Table Statistics

Statistics gathered over tables in the database can be found in the system table sys.statistics. This table is initially empty and explicitly filled or updated using the ANALYZE statement:

ANALYZE schemaname [ '.' tablename [ '('columnname , ...')' ] ]
      [ SAMPLE size ]
      [ MINMAX ]

The system administrator can gather statistics for a) all tables in a schema or b) all columns of a specific table or c) a list of specific columns of one table. You can only gather statistics of tables with real physical column data, so not for views.

Since statistics gathering involves accessing and profiling all table columns data, it can take considerable time, especially if the tables are large or you analyze all tables in a schema. You may consider to add an optional MINMAX which directs exclusion of the expensive unique count operation. Likewise, a SAMPLE size can be used to provide a quick, but imprecise impression.

You can remove statistics data via SQL command: DELETE FROM sys.statistics. For example removing statistics for table my_schema.my_table:

DELETE FROM sys.statistics
 WHERE column_id IN (SELECT FROM sys.columns c
 WHERE c.table_id IN (SELECT FROM sys.tables t
 WHERE t.schema_id IN (SELECT FROM sys.schemas s
 WHERE = 'my_schema') AND = 'my_table'));