Blog Archive

Over the years we have published a number of blog posts to highlight new features or explained innovations. Below you find the timeline and access to those original documents.

2021/06/15 The taxi journey continues

2020/11/11 MonetDB/e an embedded analytical SQL engine for Windows

2020/10/27 The MonetDB/e Python interface for data analytics

2020/10/27 MonetDB/e, a mature embedded SQL DBMS

2020/10/19 Faster, robuster and feature richer: MonetDB in 2020 and beyond

2020/06/15 Doctor, what’s happening with my query in the MonetDB kernel?

2020/06/09 From automake to CMake: a facelift for our build infrastructure

2020/02/15 SQL:1999 grouping combinations now supported in MonetDB

2020/01/03 Optimistic Concurrency Control in MonetDB

2019/05/09 Limit memory usage of MonetDB on Linux with CGROUPS

2019/03/08 SQL:2003 merge statements now supported in MonetDB

2019/02/26 Extended SQL:2011 Window Functions in MonetDB

2018/08/10 Remote Tables and Authorization

2018/07/26 IoT and streaming in MonetDB

2018/05/23 JIT C/C++ UDFs in MonetDB

2018/02/07 MonetDBLite for Java

2017/11/01 Interactive Debugging for Python UDFs

2017/08/21 MonetDB mirror on GitHub

2017/06/27 LSST Queries in MonetDB

2017/04/05 MonetDBLite for Python

2016/12/20 MonetDB goes headless

2016/07/31 MonetDB autumn 2016 feature release outlook

2016/07/27 MonetDB/Python Loader Functions

2016/05/20 DataFungi, from Rotting Data to Purified Information

2016/03/24 Continuous Integration of MonetDB and SKA using Jenkins

2016/03/15 Time-domain radio astronomy with MonetDB

2016/02/19 Voter Classification using MonetDB/Python

2016/01/16 MonetDB's Ruby API

2015/11/11 MonetDBLite for R

2015/09/21 Embedded Python/NumPy in MonetDB

2015/09/21 Large-scale astronomical high-cadence high-density pipeline with MonetDB

2015/09/07 Introducing the MonetDB RESTful proxy

2015/05/29 Astronomical data analysis with MonetDB Data Vaults

2015/04/09 Docker container for MonetDB with R

2015/02/17 Genome sequence alignment data processing

2015/01/05 PhD awarded to Holger Pirk for his work on Managing Relational Data in Asymmetric Memories

2015/01/08 "Data Rotting" concept receives CIDR 2015 Wildest Idea award

2014/12/09 MonetDB and R sandbox for VirtualBox

2014/10/31 Embedded R in MonetDB

2014/01/12 MonetDB SQL transaction management scheme

2014/09/16 MonetDB releases and development

2014/04/07 Citus Data cstore_fdw (PostgreSQL Column Store) vs. MonetDB TPC-H Shootout