Are you primarly interested in using MonetDB to develop SQL-based applications; using its command-line interface or developing JDBC & ODBC applications? This guide is for you!

MonetDB is used in many real-life application settings. Originated in the database research community, it increasingly finds its place in commercial enterprises. MonetDB is chosen as the most widely used open-source column store; it is easy to setup, use, and administer. It runs on a wide variety of platforms.

MonetDB is an elaborate eco-system to address data management challenges. The topics below help you to get started quickly and navigate to areas of interest. The topics are focussed on the SQL syntax and features as they aid in getting an application up and running.

Bulk data ingestion, e.g. CSV files, are often the first steps to populate a database for analytics. Using these features are relevant to quickly reach the point that you analysis the data for business insights.

  • SQL Reference Manual covering the SQL language features.

    We assume that the user has basic knowledge of SQL. The SQL reference manual contains a synopsis of the SQL 2008 language features being supported by MonetDB and extensions to the SQL standard.

If you are still unsure on where to start, just use in the search box for what you need.