Project Gallery

MonetDB is used worldwide for education, research, and businesses. In most cases this is an anonymous take up and deployment, until people stumble upon missing features, glitches, or lack of documentation voiced through the community channels. If you strongly rely on MonetDB technology and would like to promote your project, please contact us for inclusion in the featured project gallery.

The SciLens project aims at becoming the portal for database technology for scientific applications. Its key components are a large-scale database processor based on MonetDB and the array query language SciQL.COMMIT/ is a national ICT project bringing together ten universities and research institutions with seventy companies. Our aim is to develop a scientifically sound technological basis for harvesting knowledge in real-time from massive spatiotemporal event databases gathered from people, sensors and scientific observatories.LDBC is a European project on the development and deployment of a benchmark for RDF data management systems.
ACTiCLOUD’s vision is to develop a novel cloud architecture that will break the existing scale-up and share-nothing barriers and enable the holistic management of physical resources both at the local cloud site and the distributed levels, targeting drastically improved utilization and scalability of resourcesThe FashionBrain project aims at combining data from different sources to support different fashion industry players by predicting upcoming fashion trends from social media as well as by providing personalized recommendations and advanced fashion item search to customers.ExaNeSt is an EU Horizon2020 FET-HPC project aimed at developing and prototyping solutions for Interconnection Networks, Storage, and Cooling, as these have to evolve in order for the production of exascale-level supercomputers to become feasible.
LOD2 contribute new technologies for enabling scalable management of Linked Data collections in the many billions of triples to raise the state of the art of Semantic Web data management providing opportunities for new products and spin-offs, and make RDF a viable choice for organizations worldwide as a premier data management format.The Virtual Observatory Infrastructure for Earth Observation Data envisioned by the consortium builds upon the MonetDB technology to handle remote sensing data with an application towards forest fire detection and management.The EMILI project develops SCADA techniques for emergency handling using MonetDB for its event-stream processing. It is demonstrated with a use case for metro-station and airport calamity management.
The PlanetData project aims to establish an interdisciplinary, sustainable European community of researchers, helping organisations to expose their data on the Web in a useful way.CoherentPaaS is an EU FP-7 project aimed at providing a full ACID coherent environment integrating NoSQL, SQL and CEP data management technologies, while allowing application developers to program using a simple and powerful programming model and query language.The European Project LEO (Linked Open Earth Observation Data for Precision Farming) aims at developing software tools to support the whole life cycle of reuse of linked open EO data and related linked geospatial data. To demonstrate the benefits of such tools to the European economy, a precision farming application is developed that is heavily based on linked open EO data.
The objective of the RETHINK big Project is to bring together the key European hardware, networking, and system architects with the key producers and consumers of Big Data to identify the industry coordination points that will maximize European competitiveness in the processing and analysis of Big Data over the next 10 years.The Human Brain Project is an EU FET Flagship project geared at major innovations in information technology using a mission driven project agenda, e.g. high-performance computing infrastructures to understand and simulate the human brain.