Before You Begin

MonetDB is an opensource software package available on many platforms. Simply Download one of the prebuild versions and start your journey. The preferred platforms are:

  • Linux flavours
  • MacOS (64 bits)
  • Microsoft Windows (64 bits)

If you plan to use a graphical UI of intend to built applications using e.g. C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Javascript, Ruby, R, PHP, Ruby, Golang, then the proper API libraries should be installed. In many cases the C, ODBC and JDBC libraries suffice. For more details see the section Programming APIs. The JDBC driver is available for download from the Maven Central Repository:

If you can not find the right pre-built package, you can always download and Compile from Source.

A graphical workbench based on JDBC, such as e.g. SQuirreL, is an alternative for the text based interface.