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Client interfaces: Components, libaries, and programs to communicate with the MonetDB database server (like mclient or the ODBC/JDBC drivers).
Development tools: Tools that are used to build the rest of the MonetDB suite.
Documentation: MonetDB documentation.
Embedded: The embedded version of MonetDB.
GDK kernel: The low level BAT kernel of the database engine.
MAL/M5: MonetDB 5 execution stack with its optimisers and schedulers.
MIL/M4: Version 4 of the MonetDB server.
Packaging: Packaging and distribution problems.
SQL: The MonetDB SQL front end. If you're unsure, file your bug here.
Server tools: The MonetDB Database Server daemon (monetdbd/merovingian) and its client utility (monetdb).
XQuery: The XQuery front end.