Tue Aug 14 2018 16:08:44 CEST
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6606 MAL/M5 all bugs-monetdb5 NEW --- Misleading parameter name in generate_series function 2018-08-08
6638 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- (sequences of) mkey.bulk_rotate_xor_hash() can generate NIL from non-NIL making multi-col joins return wrong results Thu 18:00
4020 SQL all bugs-sql RESO NEXT Importing timestamp with zone from copy into 2018-08-08
6637 Client i mclient, bugs-clients RESO NEXT Within a transaction, \d after an error causes mclient to exit 2018-08-08
6635 Server t monetdbd bugs-merovingian RESO NEXT monetdbd exits due to "Too many open files" error 2018-08-08
6564 SQL all bugs-sql RESO NEXT Changes to the Remote Table definition Fri 15:01
3700 SQL all bugs-sql RESO WONT time comparison is wrong 2018-08-08
6634 SQL all bugs-sql RESO WONT HUGEINT support for windows 2018-08-08
8 bugs found.