Mon Feb 18 2019 17:38:25 CET
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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6525 SQL all bugs-sql RESO INVA Give Access to VIEW but not the base table 2019-02-12
6421 SQL all bugs-sql RESO INVA Assertion error in sql_ref_dec (sqlsmith) 2019-02-12
6072 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Bind to UPD delta column does not get/show type information in EXPLAIN 2019-02-12
4022 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- Preventing CAST( AS VARCHAR) from TEXT within WHERE part 2019-02-12
3600 SQL all bugs-sql RESO INVA data inserted into temp table is not stored/remembered/retrievable 2019-02-12
3996 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE select * from sys.connections always returns 0 rows. Expected to see at least one row for the active connection. 2019-02-12
6639 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE COMMENT ON TABLE abc IS NULL invalidly sets the remark column to null where remark column is defined as NOT NULLable 2019-02-12
3322 Client i ODBC bugs-clients NEW --- Run a statement each time a connection is created via ODBC 2019-02-12
3794 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE table function sys.rejects() and view sys.rejects() are listed are metadata objects but give an (incorrect) error when they are queried 2019-02-12
3568 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- CHECK constraint is not enforced during insert or update 2019-02-12
6439 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Invalid references to from sys.statistics.column_id 2019-02-12
6122 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- feature request: allow some SELECT a.col IN ( b.col FROM b ) FROM a behavior? 2019-02-12
3415 Client i JDBC bugs-clients RESO WORK An IndexOutOfBoundsException was thrown when statement.executeUpdate is invoked 2019-02-12
6680 SQL all bugs-sql REOP --- Copy cannot open CSV file if systemctl enabled 16:42:00
6682 MAL/M5 all bugs-monetdb5 NEW --- Feature request: make code more extension-friendly 16:51:25
15 bugs found.