Mon Jan 21 2019 10:42:56 CET
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27 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6679 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- MonetDB.R cannot handle large INSERT INTO statements Thu 10:01
6678 Client i ODBC bugs-clients RESO NEXT Binding NULL parameter to parametrized query results in syntax error on execution Wed 10:05
6677 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- MonetDB should optimize queries of the form select * from foo where FALSE, select * from foo where 0 = 1, etc. Tue 13:48
6676 SQL all bugs-sql RESO NEXT Max data length of 2048 for column sys._tables.query is too small for the actual data (2811 for view sys.ids) Thu 12:39
6675 GDK kern all bugs-common NEW --- Executing SQL query repeatedly, degrades performance Sun 08:39
6674 MAL/M5 all bugs-monetdb5 NEW --- R UDF with Date type fails to convert RAPI 2019-01-14
6672 Client i ODBC bugs-clients RESO FIXE SQLGetData with SQL_C_WCHAR string truncation and invalid StrLen_or_Ind value 2019-01-14
6669 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE COPY [xxx RECORDS] INTO foo FROM STDIN ... doesn't work without specifying nr of to be copied records 2019-01-14
6668 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE The SAMPLE key word doesn't work in a subquery. Thu 13:49
6666 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE COPY INTO from .. LOCKED doubles input data 2019-01-14
6665 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Creation of serial types does not accept negative numbers 2019-01-14
6664 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE mserver5 crash: infinite recursive happens at rel_bin.c:489 2019-01-14
6662 MAL/M5 all bugs-monetdb5 RESO FIXE Concurrency Conflicts Exception string "!transaction is aborted because of concurrency conflicts, will ROLLBACK instead" not shown on prompt. Wed 11:17
6660 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE GRANTing a ROLE is not idempotent 2019-01-14
6657 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Restart sequence with a non atomic sub-query cardinality gives wrong error message 2019-01-14
6654 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Incorrect handling of 'TRUE' in compound select 2019-01-14
6653 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE CREATE TABLE accepts empty table/column name 2019-01-14
6651 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Multi-column IN clause for subquery produces wrong results 2019-01-14
6650 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE PREPARE SQL statement fails to compile user defined functions with parameter/s 2019-01-14
6645 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE optimizer treats all the functions with no or constant parameters as constant 2019-01-14
6643 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE schema name qualifier in create global temporary table json.table6643 ... is not honered 2019-01-14
6590 Server t monetdb bugs-merovingian NEW --- How to place database in readonly mode without shutdown the database . Fri 15:57
6475 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- Remove unused SQL global variable "history" Fri 18:45
6441 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Limit/Offset return the wrong result Fri 16:55
6132 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- Wrong identifier reported when a FK constraint is violated Fri 11:39
3780 SQL all bugs-sql REOP --- HAVING clause does not read AS columns? 2019-01-14
3325 Document website bugs-docs RESO FIXE BinaryBulkLoad documentation mismatches implementation Fri 13:39
27 bugs found.