Sat Dec 7 2019 23:18:13 CET
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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6777 Client i mclient, bugs-clients NEW --- msqldump creates incomplete SQL dumps for big databases Fri 15:04
6796 Server t monetdb bugs-merovingian NEW --- Incorrect crash time reported by monetdb tool after crash of mserver5 Fri 14:31
6793 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- cast(interval second value to int or decimal) is wrong (by a factor of 1000), cast(interval month value to decimal or floating point) fails Thu 13:41
6795 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- could not allocate space during a complicated query, within a docker container Fri 10:16
6797 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- Python UDF - Import no longer installs modules on demand Fri 15:44
6726 SQL all bugs-sql REOP --- Python aggregation does not create aggr_group when aggregating over all rows Fri 15:32
6794 Packagin Debian/U bugs-buildtools RESO NEXT external name fits.listdir not bound (sys.listdir) Fatal error during initialization: Tue 10:05
6652 GDK kern all bugs-common RESO FIXE mserver5 segfault in ([Thu Sep 27 02:54:47 2018] mserver5[452458]: segfault at 20 ip 00007fc8dcb6ec1d sp 00007fc50c89e930 error 4 in[7fc8dca6f000+15e000]) Thu 15:37
3571 Document manual bugs-docs RESO FIXE Statistics analyze documentation Thu 16:56
6378 MAL/M5 all bugs-monetdb5 RESO FIXE Table UDF: cannot mix range variables and scalar variables Thu 16:07
3335 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Constraint checking without error reporting Thu 17:44
3347 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Recursive SQL functions should be supported Thu 16:39
12 bugs found.