Mon Nov 12 2018 19:28:08 CET
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2478 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- SQL: rename columns Wed 11:56
6658 Client i mclient, bugs-clients NEW --- crash if mclient attempts query where quantile column contains null Wed 11:11
3567 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- Add support for: ALTER TABLE [schema1.]oldtablename RENAME [TO] [schema2.]newtablename Wed 10:57
6609 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- Rename Schema in MonetDB Wed 11:48
6660 SQL all bugs-sql NEW --- GRANTing a ROLE is not idempotent Fri 19:21
6659 Server t monetdbd bugs-merovingian RESO INVA Starting and stopping MonetDb without connecting leaves processes around Wed 22:34
3861 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Using window functions cause a crash Wed 17:08
6557 SQL all bugs-sql RESO FIXE Sqlitelogictest crash on aggregation query with not in 2018-11-06
6657 SQL all bugs-sql RESO NEXT Restart sequence with a non atomic sub-query cardinality gives wrong error message 2018-11-06
9 bugs found.