Autoloading Scripts

Autoloading Scripts mk Mon, 05/04/2020 - 14:08

Autoloading  is used to initialize a new SQL catalog with scripts containing tables, functions, and procedures while creating a new database with monetdb. Such scripts are kept in the MonetDB library area ./lib/monetdb5/createdb/ . Look them up for the details. The prefix number is used to direct the order of their execution.  A summary of the current collection is illustrated below

Script Description
09_like.sql String regular pattern matching using PCRE
10_math.sql Polar arithmetic
12_url.sql URL manipulations (see manual)
13_date.sql POSIX formatted date coercions ((see man strptime/strftime)
14_inet.sql PostgreSQL inet data type (see manual)
15_querylog.sql Query history management (see manual)
16_tracelog.sql Query trace table (see manual)
17_temporal.sql Additional date, time and timestamp functions
18_index.sql Experimental Ordered index functions
20_vacuum.sql Table vacuum commands (experimental!)
21_dependency_views.sql Schema object dependencies analysis
22_clients.sql Client administration procedures
23_skyserver.sql Application support library
25_debug.sql Debugging tools for optimziers
26_sysmon.sql Active SQL query queue management
27_rejects.sql COPY into reject management
Analytic functions
40_geom.sql Optional Geometry extension library (see manual)
JSON data type support functions
41_md5sum.sql md5 checksum function
45_uuid.sql UUID data type functionality
46_profiler.sql start/stop collecting MonetDB profiler traces in a profiler_logs pool with a specific heartbeat
51_sys_schema_extension.sql Additional tables / views in "sys" schema.
60_wlcr.sql Workload Capture and Replay functions.
72_fits.sql Optional Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) files extension library
(see astronomical-data-analysis-monetdb-data-vaults)
74_netcdf.sql Optional Network Common Data Form (NetCDF) files extension library
(see Extensions/DataVaults)
75_lidar.sql Optional LiDAR data files extension library
75_shp.sql Optional SHP files extension library
75_storagemodel.sql Storage footprint analysis and prediction.
80_statistics.sql Analyze tables for optimizer statistics
Example C UDF functions.
85_bam.sql Optional BAM/SAM (Sequence Alignment/Map) format files extension library
(see BAM/SAM module)
Table producing functions to generate series of numbers or timestamps
99_system.sql System administration (internal)

Along the same line, MonetDB library area ./lib/monetdb5/autoload/ contains MAL scripts to be executed each time the server is started.