MonetDB mirror on GitHub

As the most observant of you may have already noticed, some time ago we created a GitHub mirror of the MonetDB source tree: After a few months of internal testing we are ready to officially announce it to the public.

On the technical side of things, the primary MonetDB repository remains hosted in Mercurial and the development process for MonetDB is unchanged.

The Github repository is just a mirror to fulfil the wish of our users who prefer using GIT. We are using git-remote-hg to communicate between the Mercurial and the GitHub repositories of the code, and a cron job update script that runs every day at midnight CET/CEST. This means that the GitHub repository lags a little bit behind the bleeding edge. The mirror on GitHub does not accept Pull Requests, nor issue reporting.

The following client libraries for MonetDB are also available on GitHub:

The first four client libraries are mirrors, which are updated daily according to the same procedure as the MonetDB main repository. The Python client library is the original repository, not a mirror.

While you are on GitHub you can explore other MonetDB open source projects. See and