MonetDB Foundation

MonetDB Foundation Launch

We are happy to announce the launch of the MonetDB Foundation, established in January 2024. This new foundation is dedicated to the stewardship and advancement of the MonetDB database management system, a project with a storied history of innovation and collaboration in the database community.

The MonetDB Foundation is committed to preserving this legacy and continuing the development of MonetDB. By the end of 2023, we successfully completed the legal setup of the foundation, ensuring a seamless transition for business and project support through MonetDB Solutions. Our board, established on January 11, 2024, comprises respected figures in the field: Prof. Dr. Arjen P. de Vries from Radboud University in Nijmegen, Dr. Niels Nes, Sjoerd Mullender, Dr. Ying Zhang, (CEO, CTO and COO of MonetDB Solutions) and CWI institute manager Dick Broekhuis. Together, we aim to uphold MonetDB’s legacy, outline a future roadmap for the project, and facilitate the receipt of donations and funding in a transparent manner.

Our Story

MonetDB’s story began in 1993, born from the visionary mind of Martin Kersten at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science. The database management system quickly demonstrated its commercial and technological potential, leading to the formation of Data Distilleries in 1995, showcasing MonetDB’s practical applications. The journey to open source in 2004 further expanded our community, spurring innovation and collaboration.

MonetDB B.V., established in 2008, and later MonetDB Solutions in 2013, were pivotal in promoting MonetDB’s commercial application, ensuring the technology’s broader adoption and impact. The Foundation also celebrates the legacy of CWI spin-offs like Vectorwise (now part of Actian), Spinque, and DataSpex, which have taken MonetDB’s core technology to new frontiers, highlighting its versatility and influence across the data management spectrum.

Honoring Martin Kersten

In remembering Prof. Dr. Martin Kersten, the creator of MonetDB and a luminary in the field of database technology, we are inspired by his dedication and groundbreaking work. Prof. Kersten’s contributions have not only shaped MonetDB but have also left an indelible mark on the broader database research community. As we look forward, the MonetDB Foundation is poised to continue fostering innovation and collaboration in the spirit of its founder, ensuring that MonetDB remains a vital resource for researchers, developers, and organizations worldwide.

For more information, please visit our website or reach out to us directly. We are enthusiastic about the future of MonetDB and welcome the support and collaboration of the community as we embark on this new chapter!