JDBC driver v3.2 release

The MonetDB team at MonetDB BV is pleased to announce a feature release of the MonetDB JDBC driver (monetdb-jdbc-3.2.jre8.jar) and JdbcClient CLI program (jdbcclient.jre8.jar).

The new release adds the capability to use the SQL:


statements via Java from the client side. This allows users and programmers to use the much faster COPY statements to load large data sets into MonetDB from a local client side CSV file or stream. The JDBC MonetConnection API has been extended with methods to register and use Upload and Download Handlers to stream the data from the Java client application to the server and/or from the server to the Java client. See https://www.monetdb.org/downloads/Java/onclient.txt for details.

The new functionality has also been added to the JdbcClient CLI program, so you can now also use COPY … INTO … ON CLIENT statements from this CLI program, provided you have started it with a –csvdir argument. The CSV data files may also be gzip compressed (file name ends with: .gz).

Besides this new functionality we also improved both the JDBC driver and JdbcClient to work optimal with the new MonetDB Jan2022 server release. For a list of all changes please read: https://www.monetdb.org/downloads/Java/ChangeLog.

We recommend all users of MonetDB JDBC driver and/or JdbcClient program to upgrade to this new release. Especially if you use the new MonetDB Jan2022 server release, you should use the new jar files. The download location is as usual: https://www.monetdb.org/downloads/Java/.

For information and tips on using the MonetDB JDBC driver, read: https://www.monetdb.org/downloads/Java/release.txt.

Reminder: as of release monetdb-jdbc-3.0.jre8.jar the MonetDB JDBC Driver class name has been changed to: org.monetdb.jdbc.MonetDriver It used to be nl.cwi.monetdb.jdbc.MonetDriver which is marked as deprecated. Please use the new driver class name asap in your configuration files/scripts and/or Java code. The old driver class name is currently still included in the jdbc jar file but only to ease the transition for existing deployments. The old driver class will be removed in a future release of the MonetDB JDBC driver.

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