Docker container for MonetDB with R

Triggered by the abundant interests in our MonetDB/R integration solution worldwide, we have been working on ways to make it easier to try out. One solution is based on the emerging standard for (lightweight) virtualization, called Docker containers. MonetDB/R is now available as a Docker container from the MonetDB team. If you are familiar with Docker, try out our “database-in-a-box”.

To start, pull the MonetDB container image from the Docker Hub Registry:

docker pull monetdb/monetdb-r-docker

Next, simply run it:

docker run -d -P --name monetdb-r monetdb/monetdb-r-docker

This will start the container with MonetDB and R ready for use.

Then, run

docker exec -it monetdb-r mclient db

which will open up an SQL client shell directly in the container. Just authenticate with the default username/password (monetdb/monetdb) and you are ready to go.

If you want to run the Docker container on Google Cloud Platform, check out Arjen de Rijke’s blogpost with detailed instructions [1].

Note for OS X Docker users: Docker usually runs on OS X via boot2docker. Due to various port-forwarding issues, you will most likely be unable to access the MonetDB instance running in the container via the default MonetDB port 50000. This is because that the boot2docker VM will not have the port open, but you can still use docker exec -it monetdb-r mclient db to access MonetDB’s SQL client shell in the container. Follow the Docker guide for OS X for more info [2]. For Mac users looking to try MonetDB/R, we provide an easy-to-use alternative. The updated Homebrew recepie for MonetDB on OS X let you easily build and install MonetDB with R integration enabled with a single command.