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MonetDB and R sandbox for VirtualBox

The MonetDB team has been working on ways to simplify the deployment of MonetDB. As a first step, we are releasing a virtual machine image of our MonetDB Analytical Database with R.

MonetDB SQL transaction management scheme

The transaction management scheme deployed in MonetDB sometimes creates confusion with application developers. In particular how are transactions committed, persisted and isolated to guarantee the ACID properties of SQL. Most of the confusion stems from the difference between OnLine-Analytical-Processing (OLAP) and OnLine-Transaction-Processing (OLTP).

Embedded R in MonetDB

For some time now, we have had the MonetDB.R package on CRAN, which allows you to connect to a MonetDB server from an R session. This package uses the MAPI protocol to talk to MonetDB over a standard socket. In addition to running queries, the package also supports the more high-level dplyr API. 

MonetDB releases and development

We decided to dedicate this blog post to providing information about the MonetDB releases and development cycles to our followers/users. While a lot of this information is on our website, this short guide explains in brief all relevant points.

Citus Data cstore_fdw (PostgreSQL Column Store) vs. MonetDB TPC-H Shootout

The database world recently welcomed a potential new member, Citus Data's cstore_fdw. cstore_ftw is an extension for PostgreSQL, an Open-Source relational data management system. cstore_ftw uses a decomposed ("column-based") storage model and features data compression and a zone map index.

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