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MonetDB Jul2015-SP1 released

The MonetDB team at CWI & MonetDB Solutions is pleased to announce the Jul2015-SP1 release of the MonetDB suite of programs.

Client Package: In the SQL formatter of mclient (the default) we now properly align East Asian wide characters.

Ruby Driver: The Ruby driver has been fixed-up, improved and is now compatible with Ruby version 2.0 and up.

JDBC Driver: Fixes for the setSchema() method.

Data Export: msqldump now generates correct syntax ON UPDATE.

Data Loading: Multiple fixes for COPY INTO and the BEST EFFORT flag.

Other Fixes:

  • 3789: Query on large string table fails on HEAPextend
  • 3794: table function sys.rejects() and view sys.rejects() are listed are metadata objects but give an (incorrect) error when they are queried
  • 3798: SELECT query with INTERSECT causes assertion failure
  • 3800: LIKE is broken for many patterns
  • 3802: Disk space never freed: a logical ref is keeped on a deleted BATs
  • 3803: SQL query parser fails to parse valid SELECT query with a CASE .. END in it. It fails with parser error: identifier 'x' ambiguous
  • 3804: `monetdb status` command crashes under certain conditions
  • 3809: Inefficient plan is generated for queries with many (>= 24) joined tables which take a long time or an HEAPalloc error. I get Error: GDK reported error. HEAPalloc: Insufficie
  • 3810: Fix statistics gathering
  • 3811: NOT LIKE not working if the operand doesn't contains wildcards.
  • 3813: COPY INTO fails on perfectly clean CSV file
  • 3814: Server crash when using bitwise NOT operation in SQL query
  • 3816: Server crashes when trying to convert timestamp to str with incorrect format
  • 3818: Crash when performing UNION/GROUP BY over tables with different columns
  • 3819: order of tables in FROM-clause has negative impact on generated plan (using crossproducts instead of joins)
  • 3820: mclient accepts table with repeated constraint which causes crash on insert
  • 3821: Unexpected error when using a number instead of a boolean
  • 3822: Yet another LIKE operator issue
  • 3825: MonetDB not cleaning intermediate results which leads to filling up disk space and ultimately server crash
  • 3827: Certains comparisons between UUID produce a MAL error
  • 3828: Schema corruption after several ALTER TABLE statements and server restart
  • 3829: Certains simple WHERE clause cause MonetDB to segfault without explanation
  • 3830: Coalesce typing inconsistencies
  • 3833: NULL literals refused at many places
  • 3834: Date comparison returns incorrect results

For a full list of fixes and more on this release, please see the release notes. Head over to the downloads section or use your package manager to upgrade.