MonetDB Foundation


The MonetDB Foundation is the independent non-profit organisation behind MonetDB, the open-source relational database management system of MonetDB. The foundation holds the intellectual property (IP) of MonetDB and is dedicated to advance the development and long-term maintenance of MonetDB.

We encourage organizations and individuals to support the foundation’s goals with a membership. Membership can be obtained through a donation or sponsorship. Associated members can submit proposals related to the development roadmap that the foundation will take into account in the future.

Why Donate to MonetDB?

MonetDB is built on the principles of open-source collaboration and innovation. As a donor, you play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant community of developers and users who benefit from this cutting-edge technology. Your generosity enables us to invest in research, maintain servers, enhance documentation, and provide comprehensive support to our users.

How Your Donation Helps

  • Funding developers to maintain and enhance MonetDB’s core functionalities.
  • Supporting infrastructure costs for servers and continuous integration.
  • Expanding documentation and providing comprehensive user support.
  • Hosting workshops, conferences, and community events to encourage collaboration.

Join us in shaping the future of MonetDB! Your contribution fuels innovation and supports our mission to build a robust and scalable analytical database management system. Thank you for your support!

Choose your package and rewards

Starter Supporter

€ open/one-time

  • Name in Donation supporters
Community Advocate


  • Name in Donation supporters
  • Newsletter MonetDB Foundation


  • Name in Donation supporters
  • Newsletter MonetDB Foundation
  • Logo of your company in Donation supporters

Rewards description

  • Name in Donation Supporters: have your name recognized on our Donation Supporters page.
  • Newsletter MonetDB Foundation: join our foundation newsletter to receive exclusive insights about our team.
  • Logo of your company in Donation Supporters: get your company’s logo recognized as a major sponsor on our Donation Supporters page.