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Get started with MonetDB/XQuery

If you want to have a quick look at what XQuery can do for you, try one of the example applications provided here. They have been designed to provide an easy introduction into the capabilities of MonetDB/XQuery and the XQuery language. You don't need any a priori XQuery knowledge to run the examples (be careful though, avoid typing errors).

If you are a novice in XQuery, we recommend you to first take a look at the Hello World, Books and Slashdot examples. The VOC dataset is somewhat larger (6MB) and queries might produce large amounts of (intermediate) data.

Note: The following examples assume that you have installed MonetDB/XQuery on your computer. If you have not yet done so, please see the download and installation section in the documentation.

  1. Hello World using the mclient utility, and configuring its output format.
  2. Books explains queries on XML files, and the XML Document Cache of MonetDB/XQuery.
  3. Slashdot News shows how to query remote XML over the web.
  4. Database Management adding and deleting documents to a database.
  5. Administrative GUI explains MonetDB/XQuery's built-in web-based GUI.
  6. XML Updates shows how XML can be updated.
  7. XRPC the SOAP-based API and distributed query extension.
  8. VOC play with a four century old database!