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XQuery (obsolete)

MonetDB database system with XQuery front-end

Have you ever tried to work with XML documents? If so, you probably have noticed that these documents are not easy to handle. To query these documents a query-language has been created: XQuery and the XQuery Update Facility (XQUF). What SQL is for relational databases, is XQuery/XQUF for XML-databases. However, existing prototype implementations are often too slow to be used beyond toy examples.

MonetDB/XQuery provides XML database functionality comprising quite complete support for the XQuery language, including modules, transaction-safe XQUF updates, user-defined functions, and a query cache (using XQuery modules). The system has very high performance and is scalable to large XML collections.

March 2011: MonetDB/XQuery project is frozen. Due to lack of development and manpower to port the software to MonetDB version 5, we had to freeze the code base. The content of the XQuery website is, as are the prime distribution packages. We do not fix any bugs or problems with MonetDB/XQuery.