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Query catalog, calls, queue

The tables below provide insight into queries compiled and executed.

name type references description
id oid   The internal query identifier.
owner string The user defining it.
defined timestamp   Time when the query was added to the catalog.
query string   The complete SQL query statement.  
pipe string   The MAL optimizer pipeline.
mal int   Size of MAL plan
optimize bigint   Optimization time in micro-seconds.
name type references description
id oid Reference to the querylog definition.
"start" timestamp   Time the statement was started.
"stop" timestamp   Time the statement was completely finished.
arguments string   The actual call structure.
tuples wrd   The number of tuples in the result set
run bigint   The time spent (in usec) until the result export.
ship bigint   The time spent (in usec) to ship the result set.
cpu int   aThe verage cpu load percentage during execution.
io int   The percentage time waiting for IO to finish.
space bigint   The total storage size of intermediates created (in MB).
name type references description
qtag bigint   Unique internal query call identifier.
"user" string The user name responsible for the call.
started timestamp   The time the query was started.
estimate timestamp   The final/estimated time of completion.
progress int   Percentage of completion based on history.
status string   Running/paused.
tag oid The reference to the querylog catalog.
query string   The query itself.