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Every user takes a role with respect to the privileges on a database scheme. A user can be granted multiple roles and a role can be granted to multiple users.

By the creation of a new user, a role with the same name is automatically created, which is also the default role the user takes. However, only the role can be granted to other users/roles.

Privileges cannot be inherited via another role. For example Alice can only SELECT, Bob can only INSERT, and Alice is granted to Bob. If Bob in turn is granted to Charlie, then Charlie can only INSERT, but not SELECT.

    CREATE ROLE role_name   [ WITH ADMIN grantor ]
  | DROP ROLE role_name   [ WITH ADMIN grantor ]
  | SET ROLE role_name


A user can only assume a role after he/she has logged in. The user assumes a role by using the SET ROLE command. Then the user can use all the right given to that role. Two roles cannot be assumed at once.