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Multiplex Functions

5.3.2 Multiplex Compilation

The MonetDB operator multiplex concept has been pivotal to easily apply any scalar function to elements in a containers. Any operator cmd came with its multiplex variant [cmd]. Given the signature cmd(T1,..,Tn) : Tr, it could be applied also as [CMD](bat[:any_1,:T1],...,bat[any_1,Tn]) :bat[any_1,Tr].

The semantics of the multiplex is to perform the positional join on all bat-valued parameters, and to execute the CMD for each combination of matching tuples. All results are collected in a result BAT. All but one argument may be replaced by a scalar value.

The generic solution to the multiplex operators is to translate them to a MAL loop. A snippet of its behaviour:

    c:bat[:int,:int]:= mal.multiplex("calc.+",b,1);

The current implementation requires the target type to be mentioned explicitly. The result of the optimizer is:

    b :=,:int);
    _8 :=,:int);
barrier (_11,_12,_13):= bat.newIterator(b);
    _15 := calc.+(_13,1);
    redo (_11,_12,_13):= bat.hasMoreElements(b);
exit (_11,_12,_13);
    c := _8;