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8.23 Transaction management

In the philosophy of Monet, transaction management overhead should only be paid when necessary. Transaction management is for this purpose implemented as a module. This code base is largely absolute and should be re-considered when serious OLTP is being supported. Note, however, the SQL front-end obeys transaction semantics.

module transaction;

command sync():bit
address TRNglobal_sync comment "Save all persistent BATs";
command commit():bit
address TRNglobal_commit comment "Global commit on all BATs";
command abort():bit
address TRNglobal_abort comment "Global abort on all BATs";
command subcommit(b:bat[:any_1,:str]):bit
address TRNsubcommit comment "commit only a set of BATnames, passed in the tail (to which you must have exclusive access!)";
pattern commit(c:any...)
address TRNtrans_commit comment "Commit changes in certain BATs.";
pattern abort(c:any...)
address TRNtrans_abort comment "Abort changes in certain BATs.";
pattern clean(c:any...)
address TRNtrans_clean comment "Declare a BAT clean without flushing to disk.";
command prev(b:bat[:any_1,:any_2]):bat[:any_1,:any_2]
address TRNtrans_prev comment "The previous stae of this BAT";
command alpha(b:bat[:any_1,:any_2]) :bat[:any_1,:any_2]
address TRNtrans_alpha comment "List insertions since last commit.";
command delta(b:bat[:any_1,:any_2]) :bat[:any_1,:any_2]
address TRNtrans_delta comment "List deletions since last commit.";