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8.14 Manual Inspection

This module introduces a series of commands that provide access to the help information stored in the runtime environment.

The manual bulk operations ease offline inspection of all function definitions. It includes an XML organized file, because we expect external tools to massage it further for presentation.

module manual;

pattern help(text:str)
address MANUALhelp comment "Produces a list of all <module>.<function> that match the text pattern. The wildcard '*' can be used for <module> and <function>. Using the '(' asks for signature information and using ')' asks for the complete help record.";
pattern search(text:str)
address MANUALsearch comment "Search the manual for command descriptions that match the regular expression 'text'";
pattern createXML(mod:str):void
address MANUALcreate1 comment "Generate a synopsis of a module";
pattern createXML():void
address MANUALcreate0 comment "Produces a XML-formatted manual over all modules loaded.";
pattern section(mod:str):void
address MANUALcreateSection comment "Generate a synopsis of a module for the reference manual";
pattern index():void
address MANUALcreateIndex comment "Produces an overview of all names grouped by module.";
pattern summary():void
address MANUALcreateSummary comment "Produces a manual with help lines grouped by module.";
pattern completion(pat:str):bat[:int,:str]
address MANUALcompletion comment "Produces the wordcompletion table.";