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MAPI Interface

8.15 MAPI interface

The complete Mapi library is available to setup communication with another Mserver.

Clients may initialize a private listener to implement specific services. For example, in an OLTP environment it may make sense to have a listener for each transaction type, which simply parses a sequence of transaction parameters.

Authorization of access to the server is handled as part of the client record initialization phase.

This library internally uses pointer handles, which we replace with an index in a locally maintained table. It provides a handle to easily detect havoc clients.

A cleaner and simplier interface for distributed processing is available in the module remote.

module mapi;

command listen():int
address SERVERlisten_default comment "Start a Mapi server with the default settings.";
command listen(port:int):int
address SERVERlisten_port comment "Start a Mapi listener on the port given.";
command listen(port:int, maxusers:int):int
address SERVERlisten2 comment "Start a Mapi listener.";
command listen(port:int, maxusers:int, cmd:str):int
address SERVERlisten3 comment "Start the Mapi listener on <port> for <maxusers>. For a new client connection MAL procedure <cmd>(Stream s_in, Stream s_out) is called.If no <cmd> is specified a new client thread is forked.";
command stop():void
address SERVERstop comment "Terminate connection listeners.";
command suspend():void
address SERVERsuspend comment "Suspend accepting connections.";
command resume():void
address SERVERresume comment "Resume connection listeners.";
command malclient(in:streams, out:streams):void
address SERVERclient comment "Start a Mapi client for a particular stream pair.";
command trace(mid:int,flag:int):void
address SERVERtrace comment "Toggle the Mapi library debug tracer.";
pattern reconnect(host:str, port:int, usr:str, passwd:str,lang:str):int
address SERVERreconnectWithoutAlias comment "Re-establish connection with a remote mserver.";
pattern reconnect(host:str, port:int, db_alias:str, usr:str, passwd:str,lang:str):int
address SERVERreconnectAlias comment "Re-establish connection with a remote mserver.";
command reconnect(mid:int):void
address SERVERreconnect comment "Re-establish a connection.";
pattern connect(host:str, port:int, usr:str, passwd:str,lang:str):int
address SERVERconnect comment "Establish connection with a remote mserver.";
command disconnect(dbalias:str):int
address SERVERdisconnectWithAlias comment "Close connection with a remote Mserver.";
command disconnect():int
address SERVERdisconnectALL comment "Close connections with all remote Mserver.";
command setAlias(dbalias:str)
address SERVERsetAlias comment "Give the channel a logical name.";
command lookup(dbalias:str):int
address SERVERlookup comment "Retrieve the connection identifier.";
command disconnect(mid:int):void
address SERVERdisconnect comment "Terminate the session.";
command destroy(mid:int):void
address SERVERdestroy comment "Destroy the handle for an Mserver.";
command ping(mid:int):int
address SERVERping comment "Test availability of an Mserver.";
command query(mid:int, qry:str):int
address SERVERquery comment "Send the query for execution";
command query_handle(mid:int, qry:str):int
address SERVERquery_handle comment "Send the query for execution.";
pattern query_array(mid:int, qry:str, arg:str...):int
address SERVERquery_array comment "Send the query for execution replacing '?' by arguments.";
command prepare(mid:int, qry:str):int
address SERVERprepare comment "Prepare a query for execution.";
command finish(hdl:int):int
address SERVERfinish comment "Remove all remaining answers.";
command get_field_count(hdl:int):int
address SERVERget_field_count comment "Return number of fields.";
command get_row_count(hdl:int):lng
address SERVERget_row_count comment "Return number of rows.";
command rows_affected(hdl:int):lng
address SERVERrows_affected comment "Return number of affected rows.";
command fetch_row(hdl:int):int
address SERVERfetch_row comment "Retrieve the next row for analysis.";
command fetch_all_rows(hdl:int):lng
address SERVERfetch_all_rows comment "Retrieve all rows into the cache.";
command fetch_field(hdl:int,fnr:int):str
address SERVERfetch_field_str comment "Retrieve a single field.";
command fetch_field(hdl:int,fnr:int):int
address SERVERfetch_field_int comment "Retrieve a single int field.";
command fetch_field(hdl:int,fnr:int):lng
address SERVERfetch_field_lng comment "Retrieve a single lng field.";
command fetch_field(hdl:int,fnr:int):sht
address SERVERfetch_field_sht comment "Retrieve a single sht field.";
command fetch_field(hdl:int,fnr:int):void
address SERVERfetch_field_void comment "Retrieve a single void field.";
command fetch_field(hdl:int,fnr:int):oid
address SERVERfetch_field_oid comment "Retrieve a single void field.";
command fetch_field(hdl:int,fnr:int):chr
address SERVERfetch_field_chr comment "Retrieve a single chr field.";
command fetch_field_array(hdl:int):bat[:int,:str]
address SERVERfetch_field_bat comment "Retrieve all fields for a row.";
command fetch_line(hdl:int):str
address SERVERfetch_line comment "Retrieve a complete line.";
command fetch_reset(hdl:int):int
address SERVERfetch_reset comment "Reset the cache read line.";
command next_result(hdl:int):int
address SERVERnext_result comment "Go to next result set.";
command error(mid:int):int
address SERVERerror comment "Check for an error in the communication.";
command getError(mid:int):str
address SERVERgetError comment "Get error message.";
command explain(mid:int):str
address SERVERexplain comment "Turn the error seen into a string.";
pattern put(mid:int, nme:str, val:any_1):void
address SERVERput comment "Send a value to a remote site.";
pattern put(nme:str, val:any_1):str
address SERVERputLocal comment "Prepare sending a value to a remote site.";
pattern rpc(key:int,qry:str...):any
address SERVERmapi_rpc_single_row comment "Send a simple query for execution and fetch result.";
pattern rpc(key:int,qry:str):bat[:any_1,:any_2]
address SERVERmapi_rpc_bat;
command rpc(key:int,qry:str):void
address SERVERquery comment "Send a simple query for execution.";
pattern bind(key:int,rschema:str,rtable:str,rcolumn:str,i:int):bat[:any_1,:any_2]
address SERVERbindBAT comment "Bind a remote variable to a local one.";
pattern bind(key:int,rschema:str,rtable:str,i:int):bat[:any_1,:any_2]
address SERVERbindBAT comment "Bind a remote variable to a local one.";
pattern bind(key:int,remoteName:str):bat[:any_1,:any_2]
address SERVERbindBAT comment "Bind a remote variable to a local one.";